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What is this paperweight (or paperweight collection) worth?

It is PCA, Inc. policy not to provide estimates of the value of individual paperweights or collections. We suggest you contact any of our PCA Registered Dealers as listed on this website with your questions regarding valuations.

How do I sell my paperweight collection?

While the Paperweight Collectors Association does not participate in the selling or buying of paperweights or collections, we do provide a Dealers page on this website listing paperweight dealers and auction houses who might be interested in purchasing or consigning paperweights. Feel free to contact any of them for information regarding the selling of paperweights.

How do I go about setting up at the PCA Convention as a dealer?

The first step in setting up at any PCA convention is to become a registered PCA Dealer. This is accomplished by obtaining a PCA membership with the dealer add-on. You can join on this website by going to our Join/Renew page and making sure to check the "Dealer Member Add-on" box.

In addition to being a registered PCA Dealer, you will need to be a registered PCA Convention attendee. Anyone who is in your booth during open dealer hours must be a registered attendee of the convention. Additionally, there is a Dealer Registration Fee required to set up at the convention (usually between $450 - $550 per booth, depending on the convention site). You can register on our website for the current convention using our convention registration form.

Joining as a PCA registered dealer will enable you to set up at conventions. It will also get you listed on the PCA website, in our quarterly Newsletter, and in our annual full color Bulletin. For more information, contact the PCA Dealer Representative by selecting the "Dealer listing enquiries" category on our Contact Us form.

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