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PCA Convention 2005
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The 2005 PCA Convention
Appleton, Wisconsin


One of the benefits of becoming a member of the Paperweight Collectors Association is that you can attend the biennial PCA Convention, which is a festive gathering of paperweight collectors, paperweight makers, and paperweight dealers. In May 2005 the convention was held in Appleton Wisconsin. Some of the presentations that were delivered were accompanied by colored handouts that provided summations of the presentations and illustrations of some of the paperweights that were discussed in the presentation. We are making the handouts of some of those presentations here.

Several PCA Artist/Makers participated in a new feature of the 2005 convention: Lunch with the Artists. Some presentations and examples of their work are provided in the following .pdf files. Note that these images are the intellectual property of the artists/makers and cannot be used for commercial purposes without their written consent.

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