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PCA Convention 2019
Paperweight Collectors Association Inc.

The 2019 PCA Convention
Dearborn, Michigan
May 15-18, 2019

The Flint Institute of Arts
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The 2019 PCA Convention in Dearborn, Michigan was a great experience. Artists, dealers, and collectors attended from 8 countries -- Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Pakistan, Scotland, UK, and USA. There was higher attendance than in recent conventions and a record number of 31 first time attendees. The following two articles describe the Convention from the point of view of two of the participants, Al & Marion Bates and Gulsari Byrkit.

  Al & Marion Bates, Paperweight Collectors Association, Inc. Biennial Convention: May 15-18, 2019, Dearborn, MI

  Gulsari Byrkit, First PCA Convention, Here I Come!

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