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Paperweight by Chris Sherwin
Chris Sherwin
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Born in Vermont, Chris Sherwin studied at Southern Connecticut State University and in his senior year Liberal Studies, he included glassblowing in 1991 as an "elective". He then worked in Maryland for two years as a residential direct-care worker for individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Returning to Vermont in 1993, Chris changed the direction of his career to become a glassblower. He signed on as an apprentice with Simon Pearce, Inc., a prestigious glass facility in Windsor & Quechee, VT, known for their high-quality crystal.

Chris was promoted to journeyman glassblower and team leader, specializing in stemware and handled crystal pieces. In 1997 he moved to Chico, California, where his future wife Cheryl studied for degrees in Speech Pathology and Chris worked at Orient & Flume Art Glass. For the next seven years, he watched and learned from some great glass masters, experimenting, developing and refining his own skills especially in iridescent and torchwork design.

In 2004, they returned home to New England to raise their daughter closer to both their families. Chris set up his own glass studio, Sherwin Art Glass, which officially opened in August, 2005. Using hand-pulled canes of glass made specifically for each design, and a hand-held oxy-propane torch, he melts and shapes the tips of the glass canes and applies them to the glass form being created. He describes the process as 'Painting with Glass' and all of his work is done 'on the pipe'. Once started, a piece demands concentration and attention to detail through to the end, which he says can take up to three hours. Currently he is focusing on flora and fauna found specifically in New England such as the eastern dogwood blossom in this beautiful paperweight.

You can see more of Chris Sherwin's work on his website at and collectors can contact him at His facebook page is

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