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Gordon Smith paperweight
Gordon Smith
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Daniel Salazar was born in Del Rio, Texas in 1956. In June of 1974, he was hired as a glass grinder by Nouveau Glass, later to become Lundberg Studios. By 1975, he was working with hot glass as a helper or pontil-man there.

It soon became evident that he had a unique flair for design. By 1978, he had begun producing and designing his own paperweights. He was also influential in developing some of the techniques used in the California-style paperweight lampworking process.

Today Daniel has earned a fine reputation for his delicate and natural look in floral paperweights, as well as birds, underwater scenes and abstract glass works. These designs have also been produced in perfume bottles, vases and jewelry jars. The paperweight shown here is his representation of barrier reef life forms under the sea.

Much of Daniel's work has been inspired by his interest in botany and Asian art and antiques. Since childhood, his passion for sketching and water color has contributed to his unique artistic development, and he attended art classes at Cabrillo College in color, design and life drawing.

Daniel's work has been exhibited at major museums in the USA and overseas and has become part of many permanent collections. He works from the Lundberg Studios in the small coastal town of Davenport, California (131 Old Coast Road Davenport, CA 95017) and he can be contacted on

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