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David Graeber Paperweight
David Graeber
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David Graeber was always drawn to art from an early age, whether it was drawing cartoons or creating things out of wood. He obtained a Fine Arts degree from Camden County College in 1986. For the next three years, he worked as an apprentice to local artist Professor George C. Vail, who helped David to refine his artistic skills and develop high personal standards and professionalism. In 1989, David met master glass artist Paul Stankard and became his assistant. For over twenty years, he has assisted Paul Stankard while also developing and refining his own creative glass skills. Today he is an independent glass artist in his own right, making superbly realistic paperweights based on nature.

David has a deep love of nature which is expressed in the intricate details of his paperweights — in the leaves, the petals, and especially in the texture of his most recent design of strawberries. He has the skill to capture nature frozen for eternity in a paperweight. His beautiful floral paperweights are as accurate as David can make them — and that is very accurate indeed. A seeker after new techniques and designs, David is motivated by his enthusiasm for new ideas waiting to be discovered. Paul Stankard speaks very highly of David and his paperweights — "I value his skilled virtuosity and dedication" — and they still work together some of the time at Stankard Studios in Mantua, New Jersey.

The paperweight shown here is David's "Oval Basket Cut with Chrysanthemum." The chrysanthemum is his latest design and was inspired by Renoir's paintings in the Philadelphia Art Museum. Multiple layering of petals helped David achieve the detailed realism of a chrysanthemum; and he collaborated with Ed Poore, from Sandwich, Massachusetts, for the beautiful cut basket design.

David's paperweights are found in private collections around the world and are regularly shown in exhibitions of contemporary paperweights. These events are listed on his website at, and you can contact David by email at

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