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Featured Artists

(listed alphabetically)

Artist Date(s) Featured   Picture

Melissa Ayotte 2012   Paperweight by Melissa Ayotte   Melissa Ayotte

Rick Ayotte 2012   Paperweight by Rick Ayotte   Rick Ayotte

Stefan Bracht 2013   Paperweight by Stefan Bracht   Stefan Bracht

Jim Brown 2012   Paperweight by Jim Brown   Jim Brown

Craig Deacons 2014   Craig Deacons   Craig Deacons

John Deacons 2012   Paperweight by John Deacons   John Deacons

Drew Ebelhare 2011   Drew Ebelhare Paperweight   Drew Ebelhare

Sue Fox 2012   Paperweight by Sue Fox   Sue Fox

David Graeber 2011   David Graeber Paperweight   David Graeber

Eric W. Hansen 2011   Eric Hansen Paperweight   Eric W. Hansen

Greg Hanson 2011     Greg Hanson

David Helm 2016   David Helm Paperweight   David Helm

Michael Hunter 2011   Michael Hunter Paperweight   Michael Hunter

Damon Macnaught 2011   Damon Macnaught Paperweight   Damon Macnaught

Peter McDougall 2011   Peter McDougall Paperweight   Peter McDougall

Jeff Mentuck 2012   Paperweight by Jeff Mentuck   Jeff Mentuck

Ed Poore 2012   Paperweight by Ed Poore and David Graeber   Ed Poore

Peter Raos


  Peter Raos   Peter Raos

Cathy Richardson 2010   Cathy Richardson Paperweight   Cathy Richardson

Colin Richardson 2010   Colin Richardson paperweight   Colin Richardson

Ken Rosenfeld 2016

  Ken Rosenfeld Paperweight   Ken Rosenfeld

Alison Ruzsa 2016

  Alison Ruzsa Paperweight   Alison Ruzsa

Daniel Salazar 2010   Gordon Smith paperweight   Daniel Salazar

Miklos Sipos

  Miklos Sipos   Miklos Sipos

Chris Sherwin 2012   Paperweight by Chris Sherwin   Chris Sherwin

Clinton Smith 2014

  Clinton Smith   Clinton Smith

Gordon Smith 2010   Gordon Smith paperweight   Gordon Smith

Paul Stankard

  Paul Stankard   Paul J. Stankard

Virginia Wilson Toccalino 2010   Virginia Wilson Toccalino paperweight   Virginia Wilson Toccalino

Victor Trabucco


  Victor Trabucco   Victor Trabucco

Thor Walker / Herakles 2013   Paperweight by Thor Walker / Herakles   Thor Walker / Herakles

Mayauel Ward


  Mayauel Ward   Mayauel Ward

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