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Paperweight by Jim Brown
Jim Brown
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Jim Brown began collecting paperweights in 1996, and became more and more interested in the beauty and intricacy of fine antique weights. At that stage, his long career first in the Navy, and then as an engineer, was not providing the creative fulfillment he desired. He left his job in 1999, and enrolled in the glass program at Tennessee Technology University. He attended the Corning PCA Convention in 2001 with a small sample of millefiori weights he had made. They were well received by convention goers and he has been making them ever since.

Jim has developed his own skills in paperweight making and enjoys the challenges of this difficult medium. He does not make a great many weights. His focus early on was to emulate the antique English Bacchus weights and later added early French weights to his repertoire. Since then he has expanded his range to include many original designs of his own. His cane pulls are intentionally small to afford a constantly changing selection of murrini from which to choose. He generally works alone and pulls all of his own cane, does his own set-ups and all the cutting and polishing on his paperweights. This not only appeals to his artisan sensibilities, but affords him the opportunity to change any of the design variables at any point in the process.

Operating his own studio since 2008, he looks forward to experimenting with new crystal formulations and many new design opportunities. With a notebook full of new designs, he should be kept quite busy for years to come. Jim is very grateful for the support and encouragement of his wife, Denise; and for the faith in his work expressed by Nancy Alfano right from his early days as a paperweight artist.

Jim's studio is located in Lebanon, Tennessee, and he can be contacted by email on

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