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Editor: Angela Bowey

Ken Rosenfeld's paperweights have been featured in many books, articles and websites, and included in the displays in museums and collections worldwide. But he continues to surprise us with his designs and ideas. In Ken's view, there is no limit to the quality or detail that can be achieved with lampwork. "The basic components of color and composition are always enhanced by the higher level of realistic detail that comes with experience. The more effort that is put into lampworking the more it will reveal subtle and refined effects. Improvement is always a function of time and dedication; and as my work improves, it spurs me onto new levels of discovery!" The detail in this beautiful rose is an example of Ken's recent work.

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Ken has added a new feature to his paperweights this year: fancy cutting to the crystal glass that encases his lampwork designs. This is how he described this transition: "I have always liked the look of fancy cut glass. About a year ago I decided to try my hand at this art form. So, I purchased a glass engraving machine and all of the necessary accoutrements. Through trial and error I have been able to produce a few basic designs. The most demanding challenge has been how to produce a design where all of the cutting is evenly spaced and symmetrical. This is critically important in order to achieve the desired effect. I also have had to adapt the patterns to accommodate a mini and also a magnum size paperweight. Fancy cutting can become a vital component to the finished paperweight. I look forward to learning how to produce more involved patterns with different cuts and generally improving my cold working skills in the future."

Below you can see three examples of Ken's beautiful designs encased in cut crystal glass.

Bouquet with a reverse cut star pattern
Bouquet with a reverse cut star pattern where
the points radiate from the edge to the center.

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Magnum bouquet with deep cuts all the way up the side
Magnum bouquet with deep cuts
all the way up the side.
The concave top window accentuates the effect.
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You can read more about Ken's paperweights on his website, His glass studio is in Milwaukie, Oregon. Ken can be also contacted by email at

Cherry blossom bouquet
Cherry blossom bouquet.
This is also a reverse star, but is cut through a color ground
to get the effect of both the cutting and the color.
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