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Paperweight by Miklos Sipos
Miklos Sipos
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A native of New Jersey, Miklos Sipos grew up in the pinelands of Jackson, where he was never far from the ocean and spent much of his time on the beaches of Bayhead and Long Beach Island. At the age of 10, Miklos and his family moved to the rural farmlands of Tewksbury, and he gained a new love for the rolling hills and valleys. His passion for nature is only matched by his passion for his art.

Miklos Sipos's early interest was in Archaeology, and he obtained his BA in Archaeology from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, in 1990.

Miklos works with multiple media to create a very wide range of beautiful works of art. His paperweights are unconventional, like this beautiful frog on a lily pad made in cast glass (above). He draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the farmlands, pine forests, and shores of his home state. His glass creations use the techniques of fusing, flameworking; and casting.

He tells us that each work is an experiment in form and technique, an evolution in method and materials that reduces the complexity of nature into basic forms of color and texture, creating a personal experience between the viewer and the image. Within each work, he says, lies a larger reality, a greater truth, that all of our emotions, our memories, our feelings of nostalgia, are evoked by and based on our perception of the interplay between colors and textures. Color and texture play a major role in influencing our daily emotional state. We learn to associate different emotions with differing shades of color. Each color arouses a distinct emotion, a particular memory of a distant place, perhaps of a happier time. It is these emotions that are captured and conveyed in each unique, one of a kind, work of art. Drawing inspiration from the present and the past, each work weaves time and space into a fluidic vision of reality where man exists in harmony within nature.

Miklos Sipos's work has been exhibited in many exhibitions in New Jersey and other states, and he has taken part in numerous classes and workshops on glass making techniques. He currently resides in the rolling farmlands near Frenchtown, NJ. You can see more of Miklos Sipos's work on his website at and collectors can contact him at

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