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Paperweight by Miklos Sipos
Blue Craw Crab

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Paperweight by Miklos Sipos
Paperweight Ring

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Miklos Sipos specialises in one-of-a-kind pate de verre paperweights, like the "Blue Claw Crab" paperweight shown above (left). Most recently he has been developing a new approach to paperweights, where the paperweight is held by a metal sculpture cast using the lost wax technique. Shown above (right) is his "Paperweight Ring", featuring a borosilicate flame-worked glass paperweight contained within a sterling silver "lost wax" framework.

The green item (below) is the wax model for another glass and metal paperweight. The wax will be cast in copper, the bowl will contain the paperweight. The legs are based on antique furniture legs with heads of a lion, dragon, sphynx and eagle. The glass will be fused to the copper bowl in a small gas furnace which Miklos has constructed.

You can see more of Miklos Sipos' work on his website, He can be contacted by email at

Paperweight by Miklos Sipos
Wax Model

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