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Peter McDougall Paperweight
Peter McDougall
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Peter McDougall was brought up in the small village of Almondbank, just outside Perth. His next door neighbour, Jack Allan was the Factory Manager of Strathearn Glass in Crieff and a close friend of the family. On occasion, Jack used to take Peter's mother and father to the glassworks. It was during one of these trips when Peter went with them that his whole life was to change as he watched Jack Allan demonstrate his skills. He knew then that this was the career for him.

On July 3rd 1967 he started as an apprentice glassmaker at the Strathearn Works. One year later Jack approached Peter about a new venture. Stuart Drysdale, the Managing Director of Strathearn Glass, with Jack and a few others were starting a new factory, exclusively devoted to Paperweights.Would Peter like to join them? It took no time at all to make his mind up. If Jack was going, then so was he.

That was 42 years ago and Peter will tell you that it is all thanks to Jack Allan that he is here today. Peter went on to become Manager of Perthshire Paperweights and was there till it closed its doors in January 2002. When he realised that he was to loose his job he was shocked and full of fear. At the age of 50, what could he do? He had been a glassmaker for 35 years and knew nothing else. After discussing at some length with his wife Catherine, Peter decided to start up his own studio.

In April 2002 he managed to secure premises that were ideal for a Glass Studio but with numerous problems that occurred during that summer the Studio did not get up and running till September of that year. Peter was very grateful for the help and support from family, friends, dealers and collectors who all waited patiently to see Peter's studio up and running.

The PMcD Studio is now coming up for its tenth year where Peter still strives to carry on the tradition off producing high quality millefiori paperweights and still gets a great buzz when he comes up with new ideas. He designs and makes all his own canes and has become recognized as one of the most creative millefiori paperweight makers world-wide. This paperweight is named Catherine, after Peter's wife. The PMcD studio can be contacted by email at

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