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Paperweight by Peter Raos
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Peter Raos loves working in glass, testing his limits with this most difficult and versatile material. For the past 35 years, he has constantly been developing his ideas, trying to reinvent his approach by delving into the many aspects of glass that he has researched. He describes his work with glass as seeking to bring meaning to the objects he creates through the trinity of beauty, content and cultural context.

Since opening his artist's own glass gallery in 2003, Peter has focused on making beautiful and unique objects collected together in one place, making various forms especially paperweights. Peter sees the paperweight as a pure form which allows pure expression.

A master of creative cane working, Peter's canes are unique and detailed. His intricate compositions recreate in glass the feelings of vibrant beauty and joy we can experience in the natural world. Both his cane work and background effects are enhanced by using New Zealand made Gaffer Glass color. He has used Gaffer Glass from the founding days of that company and has an intimate working knowledge of these colored glasses which allows him to produce brilliant canes and rich, layered, colored background effects.

Referring to one of his latest creations, which he describes as "Chinoiserie" (in the style of Chinese art) he says "For centuries artists and poets have dreamed of a life enhancing garden where nature and humanity exist in balance. This paperweight is my take on that dream expressed in glass." This idea is an extension of one of his main themes of "Impressionist Gardens" in glass. The blossom flowers are new canes made for this purpose.

Peter's work is held in private and public collections across the world, including the Corning Museum of Glass, the Bergstrom Mahler Museum, the Auckland War Memorial Museum and the Dowse Museum in Wellington.

Peter Raos glass is available from the artist's own gallery in Devonport, New Zealand and on-line via

Peter Raos
Peter Raos

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