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Paul Stankard paperweight
Paul Stankard
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Paul J. Stankard is internationally acclaimed as a living master in the art of the paperweight. Born in Massachusetts, the second eldest of nine children, Paul moved with his family when he was a teenager to South Jersey, the home of the oldest glass-blowing industry in the USA. He attended the local Technical Institute where he chose the scientific glass-blowing course, and went on to a successful career in industry from 1963 to 1972 blowing scientific instruments.

In his spare time Paul experimented first with making glass giftware and animals, which sold successfully. He later moved on to making paperweights. He studied the beautiful antique French paperweights, but there was no one who could teach him how to make these, so he had to invent his own techniques. In 1971, Paul's first solo exhibition of paperweights completely sold out. It was not long after that Paul gave up his day job and became a full-time paperweight artist. He was one of the pioneers of the studio glass movement.

 No Green Berries or Leaves
Paul Stankard's autobiography

His floral sculptures, often with "root people" made in flame-worked glass, are known for their organic credibility and creativity. For over 35 years, his work has celebrated nature as magical realism. It is technically brilliant, evocatively mystical, and spiritually significant. The example shown above is called "To Work is To Pray: A Meditation on the Prayer of Bees". It measures 6 3/4" high by 8 3/4" long and 3 1/4" wide.

Paul Stankard's work is represented in major museums all around the world. He is a Fellow of the American Craft Council, a recipient of the Urban Glass Award, and an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from Rowan University and Muskingum College. Paul recently authored an autobiography entitled "No Green Berries or Leaves: The Creative Journey of an Artist in Glass."

Paul's studio is in Mantua, New Jersey and his website is He can be contacted by email at

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