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Paperweight by Stefan Bracht
Stefan Bracht
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As a child, Stefan Bracht held a passion for the beauty in his collection of glass marbles and was fascinated by the tiny fauna and flora he could watch in and around ponds, like dragon flies, lizards, snakes, flies, bees and bugs. Later he encased dried flora and insects in acrylic resin as a first simple technique to capturing their beauty.

In 1998 he saw for the first time Paul Stankard's work in a Boston Art Gallery and at once he bought Paul's book "Homage to Nature". He was amazed by Paul's artwork, which he would never have believed to be feasible in glass, and at that time, he had no idea how all this could be achieved. However, he felt strongly that glass paperweights would be the perfect medium for his own artwork.

After studying other publications on glass making, he decided to build his own one-man, paperweight studio. Two years later, he had finished installing the equipment and had developed his own customized vacuum techniques which could be performed in the very limited space of his home-based studio.

He began offering his work to collectors through the German dealer, farfalla-Paperweights. As the first German paperweight artist in a long time, his work was well received. Stefan focuses on creating miniature worlds in his paperweights, with flowers and leaves and pond life which so fascinated him as a child. The paperweight above shows a blue dragonfly visiting a collection of wild flowers.

You can see more of Stefan's work on the website at — press SHOP in the menu and then select STEFAN BRACHT under CONTEMPORARY PAPERWEIGHTS. You can also contact him at

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