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Paperweight by Thor Walker / Herakles
Thor Walker / Herakles
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Thor Walker is a French-American designer of luxury items. In 1995 he founded the New York-based company Herakles, with its workshop based in Paris. Partnering with master craftsmen from around the world, Herakles is known for exquisitely made luxury products and more recently vases and paperweights.

Thor Walker graduated Master of Law from the University of Paris in 1994 and is the founder and President of the French-American Cultural Center of New Jersey (FACCONJ).

Shown here are two magnum lead crystal sulfide paperweights, diameter 3.7", height 2.67". (The photo on the right includes a side view.) Each Herakles Dragon cameo paperweight has 117 scales, 5 eagle claws, tiger legs, and small flames and is hand-modeled to contain incredible detail. The low- relief coloured cameo is then fired and hot-worked and encapsulated by the Herakles glassworkers into an hemispherical paperweight.

Building on the pioneering work of Bohemian glassworkers in the late 18th century and the exquisite craftsmanship of the French cameo makers at Baccarat, Saint-Louis and Clichy, Thor Walker and his team have added colored cameos to their lead crystal paperweights. No other crystal maker has attempted to include a colored sulfide cameo because the color was lost as soon as it came into contact with the hot crystal. The master porcelain maker at Herakles has overcome the problems to contribute to these beautiful paperweights.

By tradition cameo portraits on medallions commemorated an important public figure. Rather than representing a historic figure, the Herakles dragon paperweight evokes both the Asian myth as well as medieval dragon lore.

You can contact Thor Walker at (646) 797-1044 or e-mail him at

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