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Mayauel Ward paperweight
Mayauel Ward
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Mayauel Ward was born in Manhattan Beach, California and after leaving college where he studied glassblowing in the mid-70s he worked for Correia Art Glass. In 1979 he moved to Abelman Art Glass and in 1988 Mayauel set up his own glass studio at his home, making lampwork paperweights.

His work is recognized for its fine detail and over the years he has added floral and aquatic-themed vases and perfume bottles to his paperweight lines. The paperweight shown above is a collaborative piece with artist Paul Harrie. Paul does the concrete part and Mayauel contributes the botanical paperweight, which is then encased in concrete along with varying sized pieces from Paul's own glass creations, from small chips to large chunks. Everything goes into a mold and is shaken to remove any air bubbles, and after it hardens it is cut and polished to reveal the glass parts within the piece. It also sits on a clear glass base. This paperweight is amazing to look at from any angle and a great many paperweight collectors and others have admired it. Mayauel and Paul have made only a few of these pieces but do plan to make more.

Mayauel Ward paperweights are held in collections in places such as Hong Kong, England and Germany as well as the USA. Mayauel Ward Art Glass is located in Manhattan Beach, California and collectors are welcome to visit the studio by appointment. Contact by email at or phone (310) 546-3546.

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