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Paul Jokelson, founder of the Paperweight Collectors Association, made many contributions to the paperweight-collecting hobby, the most enduring of which were his several books and articles about various aspects of paperweight manufacture, appreciation, and collecting. To honor his memory and to keep alive his interest and contribution to the written word, the Paperweight Collectors Association has established the Paul Jokelson Writing Prize which is awarded semi-annually to a member of the PCA who authors an article about collectible glass paperweights and/or their makers that is published in a local or regional newsletter or similar publication.

Paul Jokelson
Paul Jokelson

The Paul Jokelson Writing Prize will be awarded in March and October and comprises a monetary stipend of $300 (US) and the publication of the winning article in the PCA Newsletter immediately following the announcement. It may also be published in the annual Bulletin or posted on the PCA website.

The winning article will be selected by the Jokelson Writing Prize Committee from articles that appear in local and/or regional publications within 180 days of the first of the month when the prize is to be awarded. Articles from other venues (such as local newspapers or other collector publications) may also be submitted by local or regional organizations for consideration.

Prize Selection Criteria

  1. Candidate articles should be submitted only to the Publications Director, Paperweight Collectors Association Inc., P. O. Box 334, Fairless Hills, PA 19030.
  2. The Paul Jokelson Writing Prize is open to all PCA members in good standing except those on the current Paul Jokelson Writing Prize Committee and the current President of the PCA.
  3. The Paul Jokelson Writing Prize can only be won once every two years by a given individual.
  4. All winning articles must be original works produced by the authors. The articles may contain photographs and/or graphics if they improve the article. The articles must be at least 250 words in length for consideration; two to four pages total is recommended. The articles can be in any of the following five categories:
    • Feature - a narrative that summarizes research, interviews, or other activities concerning a glass company, a paperweight artist or maker, or an exhibit in a museum or other venue.
    • First-person - a personal narrative that retells a personal anecdote about collecting paperweights.
    • News article - a story that contains detailed information about an event (such as a museum exhibit or gallery showing) that has some element of timeliness to the reader.
    • Review article - a semi-critical review of a new book or publication (or perhaps a review of an older, rare paperweight reference)
    • Other - photography, an original cartoon, crossword puzzle, or other effort not covered by the other categories.
  5. Once selected, the winning article author(s) must sign a statement of authorship and grant the PCA limited rights for republication in its newsletter, the annual Bulletin, and on its website. The original author(s) retain all copyright and intellectual property rights.

The decision of the Prize Committee is final. The committee may elect not to award the prize in any period if, in its estimation, no article meets the requirements.

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